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Welcome all to the Family United Clan! Thanks for stopping by.
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Family United Rules
FU Clan Rules

ET Server Rules

General Rules
1: Treat all players with respect.
2: Do not use inappropriate language in chat.
3: No Spamming of artillery or any weapon.
4: FU tags must be worn at all times no matter what server you are playing on.
5: No Script Jumping. No Trick Jumping, or Wall Jumping until Spawn Advances.
6: No Whining or Complaining or verbal abuse of other players.
7: Report all visitor and member problems you may have in Clan Area only.
8: No begging for Levels.(must either be earned or purchased =see notes on donations=)
9: Spawn killing is allowed as long as it is not excessive.
10: No Trick Planting of dynamite. (This basically means only place dynamite where other players are able to defuse it easily.)
11: Not following these rules may result in a permanent ban.(this includes members)
12: If you are AFK, you must go spec.
13:This clan is 18+ (exceptions may be made by Admins.)
14:!!HAVE FUN!!

Script Jumping/Trick Jumping
Q. What is spawn advance? What does it mean for the most highly debated maps?
Let me clarify some misunderstandings related with the scripjump (also known as trickjump) (thank you disaster) rule. The rule is the following: Spawn must advance (no scripjumping which means trick jumping until spawn advance) After spawn advance - anything goes. This (by definition) means you can jump for objectives after your spawn advanced What does spawn advance mean in case of the mostly debated maps?

Fueldump: When youre playing with allies u need to destroy the tunnel doors. After that, u can jump over the fences and blow the dump

Oasis: Allies must blow the old city wall. They cannot go trough the tunnel to make their objective, without destroying that wall

Temple Final: Allies need to destroy the temple doors, so they must spawn in the temple... After that theyre allowed to jump over the wooden barrier (which is right before the gold)

Caen 2: The axis need to repair and move the tank, once the tank is escorted for a little while the flag disapperars and scriptjumping becomes legal

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Donations =Donations may be made by any players to gain membership or if already a member higher admin levels on the server.Levels 7,8,9 and 14 will be desginated as donation levels.(see chart below for donation scale) A donation does not gain you special privledges other than the right to wear FU| tags and the coresponding level(you do not have to join to donate). You do not have a right to dictate how the donation may be spent nor the right to a detailed report of expenditures.Furthermore a donation does not grant you the right to abuse commands or verbal abuse of other members or players on an FU| server. Violation of any rules can result in membership being revoked or even a permanent ban.

Donation levels All donations are in US Denominations.

$5.00 - 30 day membership and level 7 (3 donations at this amount will gain you level 8, 7 donations will gain you level 9)

$10.00 - Probationary membership and level 8 (3 donations at this amount will gain you level 9. After 30 days your membership will be voted on.)

$20.00 or above - FUll membership and level 14.(level 14 will be reduced to level 10 after 30 days unless you choose to donate again.)

TM Server Rules

General Rules
1: Treat all players with respect.
2: Do not use inappropriate language in chat.
3: FU tags must be worn while playing.
4: Do Not use Admin Commands without reading THIS first
5: Do Not use any Map Commands without asking others first.
6: Do Not give Admin Priv's to ANYONE that you are not positive that they are a member
7: No Whining or Complaining.
8: Do not double clan.
9: Report all visitor and member problems you may have in Clan Area only.
10: Not following these rules may result in a permanent ban.

To apply to our TM clan Click Here

Forum Rules

    Username Rules
  • Do Not add tags to your name unless you are a member
    Signature Rules
  • Maximum height of ALL SIGS: 240px
  • Maximum width of ALL SIGS: 600px
  • Note you can use as many sigs as you want as long as it doesn't exceed the dimensions above.
    Avatar Rules
  • Maximum size no greater than: 200 x 200px
    Post Rules
  • Absolutely NO posting of illegal material
  • Maximum width of any image: 600px
  • Do not double post.
  • Stay on topic.

Clan Membership Rules

    To retain your membership you must...
  • Be active on both servers and forum at least once a week.
  • If you cannot be active you must make a post letting us know for how long you will be gone.
  • If you do not post or message an admin, you will be marked inactive or membership revoked and subject to deletion.
  • All Admins and Mods are required to have Teamspeak 3. The download link is on the download page on top of the forum. The IP is on the server page.

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